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Our Accommodation

Barclay House is a cleverly shaped building so that inside there are 6 areas to stay, work and have therapy. Barclay House has 29 beds in total, 7 of which are now approved by the CQC to be hospital beds.

The Therapy Suite

The therapy suite has its own entrance and car park spaces to the right of the main entrance.

It also has an entrance from the main accommodation as this is where we have our superb gym, our three therapy rooms and dispensary.

We have expressive and creative therapy rooms, quiet rooms, and neuro-splinting facilities too.

The gym has state of the art equipment selected as the best available to aid recovery and progress and it is a large, bright area to promote a sense of wellbeing.

The large space and natural light is replicated in our main dining area and café, all in the therapy suite wing of Barclay House.

There is a large accessible toilet and a shower in case you work up a sweat or need to refresh yourself. Plus toilets for visitors.

We want you to feel good about coming to Barclay House for your rehabilitation and also to provide a place that’s nice for visitors to meet you if you are staying at Barclay House. 

Main Reception

The entrance to our accommodation areas is at the front of the building with a smaller car park for quick visits or to bring our service users to the door.

Inside, our reception area was built in the 1970’s and we’ve kept the contemporary wall of windows and wide staircase but we also have a lift to our first floor.

There is a quiet room in reception for family visitors to have some privacy and where children can also come to meet a family member having rehabilitation at Barclay House.

Ground Floor

Summary: 10 bedrooms with ensuites, 2 lounge/ diners, staff room, studio flat

Leading off the reception area is our first small studio flat with its own entrance but to each side of reception we have two areas of accommodation.

Our assessment area has 5 large bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, each has a level access shower.  People staying here will be having assessments with our specialists and setting their goals for rehabilitation. This area has its’ own TV lounge although every room has it’s own TV point.

Meals are provided and served in our main dining room.

To the other side of reception through a separate door we have 5 more large bedrooms with large ensuite bathrooms, again with level access showers. This section also has an assisted bathroom with a Gainsborough Windsor series specialised bath. With independence in mind, the doors to the kitchen diner in this section is push pad operated and the kitchen area is wheelchair accessible.

The garden can be access from this area too and we’re keen to hear about your gardening ideas.

First Floor Accommodation

Summary: 17 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms divided over 3 behaviour management areas, offices, staff room, and 1 area for respite and visitor bedrooms. There is also 1 studio flat.

Many people who have had a brain injury have difficulty with their memory and cognition and subsequently, controlling their behaviour. In most cases, a period of recovery and rehabilitation to help regain insight and learn strategies to cope, resolves the difficulties. Barclay house MDT set agreed goals and strategies to practice and learn and help people move on.

In some cases, due to the area of the brain damaged by injury or disease, a person’s ability to self-monitor and manage their own behaviour needs consistent and continuous support. Barclay House is set up to provide the support and management for people whose behaviours are challenging and prevent them from participating in rehabilitation in hospitals or at home.

The first floor has 4 areas of accommodation; again each bedroom has its’ own ensuite bathroom and each area has its’ own lounge or lounge diner.

One area is set aside for people who need more space and privacy and is tailored to high safety standards with anti-barricade and anti-ligature features.

Another area can be segregated for people who have behaviours that respond best in single gender surroundings. Each of our accommodation areas for people who need support for behaviours that are disabling has its own lounge diner area so that there are care options. There are 5 bedrooms with ensuite in each area.

We are particularly pleased that we also have 2 large bedrooms with easy access ensuite bathrooms, assisted toilet and bathroom and visitor bedrooms with their own ensuite.

These rooms can be used flexibly and can accommodate short stays for a week or long weekend when a person choses to come and have their therapy here, using the ergo-trainer and PABLO system and other equipment not available elsewhere.

Or you may choose to come to Barclay House if you have a neurological condition and want to have a respite stay where you can have confidence the staff will understand your condition and needs. With the guest rooms opposite your own room, your partner or usual carer can stay for a day or two to make sure your care is how you like it. These rooms are in their own section and not mixed with our longer term service user accommodation.

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