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Our Services

Barclay House services offer a pathway of services from specialist rehabilitation through to longer term support for residents and visiting service users. These are connected not just because they are all on the same site, but because our philosophy of care and the desire of the staff is to provide what is needed to our clients. Our services have been developed through listening to and learning from the people that know what works –  service users.

We know that a brain injury or a neurological condition, Huntingdons Disease or Bariatrics/Plus Size issues can have far reaching effects, changing the way a person lives and can then affect the way their family and friends connect with them.

Acquired brain injuries (ABI) and Neurological conditions can affect the way you think and the way you are physically. These may affect your choices, confidence, self-esteem and these then impact upon the others around you, those supporting you and who you support. It is a ripple effect as each change impacts elsewhere. So, we have a network of services and our service users have a plan

Your plans: Your life

Assessment & Rehabilitation

Barclay House has a full integrated multidisciplinary team (MDT) who specialise in ABI and Neurological Rehabilitation.

A referral for an assessment is preceded by a pre-admission meeting and assessment so that we have enough information to start a more detailed assessment and work with you to set some rehabilitation goals. We produce a rehabilitation proposal prior to admission which includes what has happened so far and what we think we can do for you whilst you are with us. This is reviewed and updated with you every two weeks during your rehabilitation.

We use standardised assessments to indicate to you, the referrer and the funding authority, the progress being made. We report using the National outcome measures RCS-E, FIM+FAM UK and GAS

The facilities have the best equipment available and we have the first Ergo-trainer in the UK. We also have the new   THE PABLO® SYSTEM  that combines upper limb and cognitive working. 

Daily living skills are practiced in our adapted kitchen and bathrooms and the accommodation is designed to support people as they progress with designs and space to suit changing needs.

Slow Stream Rehabilitation & Longer Term Placement

Rehabilitation can continue over a long period of time. Those who have completed their initial intense rehabilitation may need or want to stay on. This is also a point where some people are referred to the service, perhaps having had rehabilitation in a hospital but wanting to continue. 

We have accommodation in Barclay House where you can stay and continue your rehabilitation at the pace you can manage with our MDT working with you and the rehabilitation assistants supporting you to keep achieving your goals. We continue to review the goals and progress and write reports for you, your referrer and your funding authority.

We have two flats within Barclay House; one is next to our assessment accommodation and is part of our “getting ready for home” pathway. The other is available for longer term stay on our first floor accommodation

We are very proud to be able to offer “phased respite”. Listening to people who know they need to take a break but are anxious about what will happen, we have learned that if their partner/carer was able to come with them for a few nights, to make sure their care was how they normally have it and tell the staff the things you need them to know, you’d feel happier. So we’ve provided ensuite accommodation for a spouse or carer to come and stay to help you and to handover some responsibility to the staff so that next time, or the next time, they can take that break and the respite can go smoothly and with confidence.

Outpatient Services & Day Services

Barclay House has a therapies suite. It has its’ own entrance for people who do not live at Barclay House. There is a waiting room and a café for you to sit and relax too.
Service users who have been to our rehabilitation service and who are able to go home can continue to come back for therapies; Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Speech and Language therapy, Counselling with our nurses or a meeting with our Psychiatrist. The sessions can be individual or in a small group and may be in the daytime or evening and weekends.

The outpatient services are also for people who have not been in our residential rehabilitation services. Referrals are welcome and an initial meeting and assessment will be arranged with you so that we can learn about you and discuss a programme, visits and costs.

Sessional use of the outpatient facilities are booked through the administrator. Hire of the gym is also possible if you have your own qualified and registered Physiotherapist. These sessions are available on weekends.

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